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NEW! iPhone 7 Silicone Case Series by Candies(2017-02-21)
°»Candies°… is a design brand for iPhone case and made of high quality silicon. New items are in stock now!
NEW! The LOQI Museum Collection(2017-02-21)
The LOQI Museum Collection items are in stock now!
New! Kusama Pumpkin Object!(2015-09-23)
New! Pumpkin Object of Yayoi Kusama. Don°«t miss it!!

Click here to see Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin Object>>

New! Plush toy °»Kitten°… from Japanese sculptor Yoshimasa Tsuchiy(2015-01-21)
The motif of LAMMFROMM original plush toy °»Kitten°… is based on Tsuchiya°«s wooden sculpture. Tsuchiya°«s animal works always use crystal eyes, and featuring delicate pale color, transience and kindness overflowing from the entire work.

Click here to see Yoshimasa Tsuchiya>>

Kusama °»Body Festival°… sports towel in LAMMFROMM!(2014-10-24)
Kusama art product °»Body Festival°… sports towel in LAMMFROMM! The motif is from Kusama°«s art installation °»Body Festival°… and the towel is made by high-quality brand °»Imabari°…, the largest brand and towel production center in Japan.

Click here to see "BODY FESTIVAL Towel : Yayoi Kusama>>

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