Yayoi Kusama YELLOW TREES Pass Holder

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Yayoi Kusama YELLOW TREES Pass Holder
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Product Description

New Arrival!

"Yellow Trees" Pass holder is one of Kusama’s official art goods based on the most famous motif of Yayoi Kusama “Yellow Trees”!

【Precautions for use】

  • Please note that use under wet conditions due to rain or sweat may cause discoloration and color transfer.
  • If multiple noncontact IC cards are stacked, malfunction may result.
  • Please note that inserting too much contents or putting excessive heavy things will cause damage.
  • Please do not pull out the reel's strap strongly until the end. Please keep in mind that there is a possibility that the pimp cuts.
  • Pull out the strings vertically and use them. If you pull out obliquely and scratch the straps on the reel, there is a danger of wear.
  • Because the spring of the reel may stretch and the straps may not return, please do not pull the string more than necessary, please do not connect heavy objects to the reel.
Size  Holder size | 7.7x11.5(cm)
 strap length | 14cm
 Reel length | 41cm
 Packaging size | 12.5x18(cm)
Material leather
Remarks Made in China

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