Izumi Kon Plates on Holiday - HIGH-HEEL

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Izumi Kon Plates on Holiday - HIGH-HEEL
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Product Description

"Osara no Kyujitu - Plates on Holiday" is an art project that proposes a bran-new idea about Plates.

Koransha, a company with more than 300 years of history in Arita ware.lzumi Kon, an artist with fresh sensibility and excellent skills who brings new energy into the art world.The collaboration presents the fruition of the seven that are utility as well as art pieces "Osara no Kyujitu" would be a beautiful addition to your home as an art work, of course it is durable to enjoy food and sweets. Uniquely designed plates will inspire the imaginations of cooking and dish up.

"Osara no Kyujitu" project has started in 2002.Koransha began making 7 prototypes from the original paintings of Kon. Kon has intensionally, broke away from the traditional image of Arita ware and made dashing paintings. After many trials, it was completed with more than 10 layers to make each plates.Kon was moved by Koransha's high quality reproduction of the original drawings. The collaboration innovated the creation of both Kon and Koransha. Modern and at the same time keeping the traditional beauty, Kon's art works found a new place in Plates.

Enjoying the dialogue with tableware. "Osara no Kyujitu" suggests new encounter to everyday plates and everyday life.

Contents one plate
Size 23.5cm diam.
Color -
Material Ceramics
Accessories -
Desinger -
Maker Koransha
Country of manufacture Japan
Remarks -

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