Yoshitomo Nara Book "The Little Star Dweller"

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Yoshitomo Nara Book "The Little Star Dweller"
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Product Description

The Little Star Dweller is autobiography by Yoshitomo Nara. He wrote about himself from 1959(the year he was born) until 2003.

The days of hometown Aomori, traveled in Europe when he was a student of Japan art university, studied in Germany and how he became an artist.

Including his dairies, photos, unreleased drawings and a poster printed both sides with different drawings.

Autograph -
Specifications Paperback,168pp,
A reversible poster is attached inside the book.
Dimensions 22h × 18w × 1.5t(cm)
Language Japanese
Designer -
Photographer -
Publisher ROCKIN'ON Inc.
Release date 2004/4/2
Country of manufacture Japan
Remarks Overseas sales may not be available in some countries or regions due to the agreement with artist.

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