Yoshitomo Nara Framed Poster "Green Eyes"

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Yoshitomo Nara Framed Poster "Green Eyes"
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Product Description

NEW authentic poster of Yoshitomo Nara is in stock now!

Yoshitomo Nara's new authentic poster from his etching artwork “Green Eyes”, 2002 . This cute artwork printed with a lively girl with a band-aid in her face. Of course it is a popular and beloved art product among Nara fans. How about give this cute poster as present to your friend?

This poster is wooden framed with mat.

Contents Framed Poster
Size 39.5h x 30.5w(cm)
Color -
Maker -
Country of manufacture Poster is printed in USA / Frame is made in Japan.
Remarks *Authentic poster
*Overseas sales may not be available in some countries or regions due to the agreement with artist.

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